Aqua pipe extender
Material 200mic LDPE
Colours: Blue/White/Beige
UV Stabilised: Eco friendly. Material 100% recyclable
Estimated Life Span: 3-5 years based on usage conditions
Size: 150mm + 100mm side gusset. Lay flat size = 250mm
Works on all drain pipe sizes including square shaped.
Easily rolled up and stored.
Can cope with a high volume of water if properly secured.
Best secured with Cable Ties or Duct Tape.


Step 1:
Open the Aquapipe at one end and slide it over the bottom of the drain pipe.

Step 2:
Slide the Aquapipe up along the drain pipe to approximately 15cm above the bottom curve.

Step 3:
Slide the cable tie around the back of the drain pipe and secure.

Step 4:
When there is rain on the way, roll out the Aquapipe to where you want the rainwater to go.

Step 5:
When not in use roll up the Aquapipe into a neat snail at the base of the drain pipe until needed again.

Care tips:

  • Aquapipe is UV stabilised, so properly cared for will last for 2 to 3 years in the sun
  • Roll up Aquapipe when not in use
  • Do not pull over sharp edges as it may tear the Aquapipe
  • Beware of objects with sharp points as it can puncture the Aquapipe
  • Do not drive over the Aquapipe as sharp stones may puncture it